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Barry Hurst & Associates Realty

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Direct (770) 914-2306
FAX (770) 957-7290

"Before you buy your next home," Barry Hurst advises, "start thinking like a home seller." The message to prospective home buyers from Atlanta or anywhere on the planet is clear: No matter what home you buy, for any price, stop first and ask yourself how easy--or difficult--it may be to SELL that property at a fair price five or ten years down the road. Since statistics show that most folks move an average of every five years, the future salability as well as the current price of the home you're about to buy is a point for active consideration.


That's where Barry Hurst and his seasoned staff of professional Home-Buyer representatives start earning their commission (which is paid by the SELLER--NOT YOU!).

"Our specialists are trained to eagle eye every aspect of a home about to be purchased by one of our BUYER clients," explains Barry. With Barry in the driver's seat, "they know exactly how to bargain and negotiate price and terms. That doesn't make them 'Mr. or Ms. Nice Guy' to the SELLER and his or her listing agent. But that's the whole point. we shield the BUYER from the hassling and nitpicking that must go on if you're to get the best price, on the best terms possible." In addition, Barry offers a list of professional,certified home inspectors to "give you the assurance that all other details of the property are absolutely in order."

Details such as:
Bugs--crawling or flying

These and dozens of other questionmarks about the property must be erased by Barry's recommended home inspector before the stamp of approval is placed on the purchase you're about to make.

A purchase, incidentally, which may be the largest single financial transaction of your entire life with no room for error or miscalculation.

Finally, the home the Barry Hurst Home-Buyer representative is helping you purchase, must pass one final muster: The future of the home itself.
Is the area expanding?
Are there any geological problems?
What about the flood zone?
Are major advertisers investing in the area?
Any funky plans for airports or rail hubs on the horizon?

Not even Barry Hurst can forsee any and all negative--or positive--aspects to a specific property. But his Home-Buyer professionals are better than most at forecasting a home's future as well as present potential in terms of fair market value.

Count the Many Benefits of Having a Barry Hurst Home-Buyer
Representing Your Best Interests.

When you choose Barry Hurst to represent you, him and his crew of Home-Buyer experts act solely on your behalf--protecting you interests from the first walk-through to the final sign-off and check exchange at Closing. Their loyalty is to you and only you with responsibility for:
Price negotiating

THE LETTER OF THE LAW. Barry Hurst and his well-trained staff sees to it that your purchasing transaction follows the exact letter of Georgia real estate law--working with the Closing Attorney on a regular basis.

FULL DISCLOSURE. It's important that the SELLER and is or her agent keep you fully apprised of every detail pertinent to the purchase, and the Hurst organization sees to it that they do, especially on such matters as:
The legal effect of provisions contained in the purchase contract between you and the seller.
The property's true value.
The status of and protection of your earnest money.
The existence of other offers on the property.
The relationship between the listing agent and all other parties
involved in the purchase transaction.

In short, the home-buying process is a race by you and your family from the initial property showing to a totally successful day at the Closing table.

So head for victory lane on that day with Barry Hurst and his Home-Buyer representative at your side--lighting and guiding the way to the good life in a home you can count on for years to come.


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