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Never Forget to Thank Your Accountant

If you pay your accountant handsomely, that is more likely than not enough of a thank you. Then again, some accountants are special; thereby deserving more praise than your basic CPA.

What Do You Want To Say To Your Accountant?

Reasons that you’re accountant should receive a special thank you: your accountant just saved you a bundle on your taxes; your accountant just assured you of a huge tax refund; your account just accompanied you on an audit by the IRS and convinced them that they have nothing on you; your accountant somehow manages to tip the scales in your favor when you know that, left up to you, your finances would be FUBAR! Personally, my tax preparer is right up there with the pope in my eyes. If it weren’t for him I would be so very out of luck, it’s hard to even imagine. Just because you can run a business doesn’t mean that you can do the numbers. Let someone who specializes in numbers take care of those. You do what you are good at–managing your company; secure in the knowledge that your more than competent account and has everything under control.

Here You Go Hallmark!

The following are some suggested greeting cards for your oh so valuable accountant: Thanks for Opening up that Swiss Bank Account—You Rock!; Thanks for Seeing to it that the IRS Couldn’t Send Me to Jail; Thanks for all The Great Investment Ideas—You Light Up My Life; A Picture May Be Worth 1000 Words—But a Good Accountant is Worth $1000 (Just Make Sure It’s Deductible); Thanks for Absconding to Another Country With My Millions—In the Words of Donald Trump, “You’re Fired” (And You Might Want to Think about Watching Your Back for the Rest of Your Life). OK that last one isn’t so much a thank you note as much as it is a threat; but still. It’s the thought that counts.

Since you are sending your thanks out to an accountant you might want to consider including their favorite color—green—as a little bonus. If your accountant is keeping you in the green instead of in the red it’s the least you can do.


Business Paperwork Your Tax Accountant Needs

When it comes to owning a business is always very important that you take very special care of any type of accounting paperwork you have. Without these records it is almost impossible to retrace your steps.

What Your Tax Accountant Will Need In Order To File Your Taxes

Of course he’s going to need any accounting you have. Some people do not rely on traditional software, and prefer to do all of their accounting by hand. The matter what method you use, is very important that you would hand over all of the paperwork or make copies for your tax professional.

Handling All Of Your Accounts

More than likely you have a merchant express account along with several other accounts. Whoever handles your accounting needs to get copies so that you can turn that over to your tax professional as well. The more information that you can turn over the better it is for your tax situation. Maintaining very accurate records is a very important business practice.

Tax time can be a dreadful time a year, however if you have maintained very accurate records then more than likely you are going to be okay.