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foshan kbd molding science & technology co. ltd set up in 2015, it’s one more new large and competitive products manufacturer factory of kbd company, since the establishment of kbd company, adhere to the environmental protection as the responsibility, committed to the green environmental protection packing product development, is an outstanding environmental protection packaging enterprises in china.

the company mainly engaged in paper pulp packaging products, paper pulp (molded fiber and cosmetic) mold development and production of high-quality mold machine manufacturing.

kbd company currently have below subsidiary company:

dongguan kbd pulp olding packaged products co.ltd was established in 1994 .

shenzhen kbd pulp olding packaged products co.ltd was established in 2000;

suzhou pulp olding packaged products co.ltd was established in 2001,

foshan kbd molding science & tecnology co.ltd was established in 2015.

after years of efforts and the integration and development of the world's advanced technology, the company has now developed into a paper plastic enterprise with large scale, strong strength and advanced technology across the pearl river delta and the yangtze river delta region.

at present, the company's r & d team is composed of technical personnel with deep qualifications in the industry. there are more than 20 years of engineers and technicians, and more than 10 years of engineering and technical personnel. the company has advanced computer packaging and transportation process simulation software. advanced laboratory and paper support performance testing equipment, as well as rigorous qc team

to ensure the product quickly development, novel design, unique, excellent product quality, so that we always occupy the leading level, reasonable cost optimal. optimal design, perfect after sales service, so as win as: sony, panasonic, flextronics, huawei, epson, philps, hp and a number of international and domestic well-known enterprises of all ages and become an excellent supplier.

the major development products of foshan kbd is the high-quality products and double sides smooth. it have several advanced automatic production line, to provide a variety of high-quality and a wide range of colors products for customers.

company is located in a superior geographical position:songxia industrial park, nanhai district of foshan city, to bring you a quick, convenient service.

kbd is always your wise choice for you!

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