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environmental action-凯发k8官方网娱乐官方

launched in september last year, shantou city, guangdong province "waste paper recycling, green helping environmental public interest action by community heat holding. recently, shantou city six of the economy of china democratic national construction association branch, huashan branch of minsheng bank to join in horse printing co., ltd. to jin zhang school helping activities, the recovered waste paper replacement to the new job this donation to the children of migrant workers.

it is understood, waste paper recycling, helping to green is shantou city in september last year launched an environmental theme education activities, aimed at through the recycling of waste paper as raw material of recycled paper production, to achieve low energy consumption of the light pollution. according to statistics, using waste paper recycling, recycled paper pulp of the finished product rate reached 70% - 80%. at the same time, compared to the use of 1 ton of wood pulp paper, use 1 ton of 100% recycled paper can reduce 11.37 tons of carbon dioxide emissions. due to the regeneration of waste paper of environmental protection operation this did not add fluorescent whitening agent and pigment, the color of paper, light reflecting from small, for the students, the teacher's vision to the protective effect.

until now, shantou city has more than 70 schools involved in the environmental public welfare activities, of which there are 3 schools directly commissioned printing enterprises, replacement of the recovered waste paper into a new job of this, donated to the rural areas and schools for migrant workers' children. according to undertake the horse printing limited company, at present, through the waste paper recycling re production donated the work in environmental protection, preliminary estimate of about 10 million copies, for many of the weak school poor students provides learning tool for security.

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