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the age of paper packaging-凯发k8官方网娱乐官方

industry pointed out that the paper packaging is the people of green packaging, in energy saving, saving resources and has a lot of advantages. the point of the international market, the era of paper food packaging has come.

analysis on the development trend of paper packaging industry

at present, the development of paper packaging and printing technique showed the following new features: monolayer material to develop in the direction of multilayer materials; offset, gravure, flexo, screen printing and other printing mode coexist and flexographic printing will grow the fastest; sheet fed to a web, single direction of the on-line production development; relevant new technology integrated application (such as computer design, digital technology, laser processing technology and new materials) to optimize the production system.

the development trend of the paper packaging container is now cutting combination paper container forming a molded paper container will gradually replace; deep coating technology gradually replace the past wax; composite technology become the important skill developed by the paper container; cad and cam system will make paper packaging container design and manufacturing cycle is greatly shortened. in addition, paper products focus on packaging development low gram weight, high strength, lightweight high-grade paper packaging, to achieve standardization, serialization, multi species, multi substrate, multi-purpose target.

in recent years, with the rapid development of the packaging industry, as is not the absence of packaging materials also ushered in the broad market. at the same time, the increasingly diverse needs of the people, to the packaging market proposed higher requirements. therefore, ingredients must is very stable, melting quality of furnace thermal parameters with the use of digital control system, realizing optimal control of the whole process, improve the production concentration.

expected future circular economy will become the main mode of the development of packaging industry, packaging waste recycling of resources will achieve industrialization, green packaging materials will be developed energetically and develop and package base industry will also accelerate the development of

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