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egg plate food fruit paper tray

  • chocolate paper tray
chocolate paper tray

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  • product description: environmental protection, non-toxic, recyclable, can be natural degradation, seismic, anti broken

bagasse pulp is a kind of pulp. using bagasse as raw material, the hydraulic pulper, high-temperature sterilization, technology deployment into a certain concentration of the slurry. the slurry in special metal mould by vacuum adsorption into wet blank products, molded wet blank again after drying, hot pressing shaping and. sugarcane bagasse is sugar mill by-products, supply highly concentrated, the use of bagasse pulp saving a lot of wood, in line with the national recycling economy and environmental protection policy, the waste of resources. applications including electronics, electrical appliances, communication equipment, computer accessories, glass, ceramics, lighting, handicrafts, cosmetics, health products, wine, fruit, eggs, etc.

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