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home appliances paper tray

  • electric iron paper tray
electric iron paper tray

electric iron paper tray-凯发k8官方网娱乐官方

  • product description: environmental protection, non-toxic, recyclable, can be natural degradation, seismic, anti broken

pulp molding (characteristics of paper support)

1, the paper is to support the raw material fiber, 100% environmental protection, rohs/sgs/reach and other testing are in line with the standard, is conducive to the export of products, but also in line with the requirements of environmental protection of the product is more and more high;

2, paper tray is more and more extensive scope of application, with the continuous progress of pulp molding technology, now use plastic foam, eva, plastic, cardboard do lined packaging products can paper holder to replace.

3, anti-static, anti-corrosion, shockproof performance is better than that of styrofoam, eva, blister, this is due to the foam, eva, plastic products, protection function is determined by the material of the buffer, and occasional paper product is by the geometry of the mechanical structure and the material itself formed the buffering and in force value detection in confucianism and variables are better than foam, eva, plastic, cardboard, plastic.

4, according to the different product packaging requirements add shi qiang agent, soft agent, water proofing agent, oil proof agent, anti burning agent and other auxiliary additives, to achieve a variety of functions, the styrofoam, eva, plastic, cardboard and so on a single physical performance can not do.

5, the product can be superimposed, greatly reducing the cost of warehousing and freight;

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